Release of floatboard (beta version), a remote collaboration application that uses AR technology to share virtual spaces

Just launch the app to float a whiteboard in a virtual space and share ideas when and where they come to mind!



FACTORIUM Inc.has developed “floatboard” (beta version), a remote collaboration application using AR/MR technology, as the second project of “RemoteActiveStudio”, a startup studio that realizes a world where people can work productively and creatively even when they are far away. The app allows you to brainstorm remotely with distant teams or have creative discussions even in spaces where there is no physical whiteboard. We are looking for partners who will deepen the exploration of AR, MR, VR and AI technologies beyond physical limitations in the era of accelerated remote digital collaboration, create creative workspaces, and make breakthroughs in existing ways of working together.

What is Remote Active Studio?
In FACTORIUM Group, every business is a new business, and the best team is formed by assembling the best staff for each project. It is a free organization with full remoteness and no hierarchy, and it is characterized by a large transfer of authority to talented remote workers and the ability to promote business development on a simultaneous basis. In running this organization, we faced a number of organizational, team, and working style challenges. To solve these problems, we launched RemoteActiveStudio, a start-up studio project to develop services that allow team members to work creatively and productively even when they are away from each other.

Remote Active Studio

The first is reporu, an OKR reporting service for remote workers, starting in 2019. (URL: ) We have released our second product, floatboard, which allows users to collaborate in 3D space using AR technology from multiple locations at the same time, even when they are far away. ( In addition, as a third step, the company plans to provide data analysis technology for video conferencing systems for educational services.

What is a floatboard?
This is a whiteboard sharing service that utilizes AR technology developed to close the gap between remote and real communication experiences.
When and where you think of it, you can float the whiteboard with AR technology using a smartphone app, and have live communication.



Use case “Remote discussion of business people
Want to brainstorm remotely with a distant team
I want to keep writing my ideas in a space with no physical constraints
I want to carry information with me that I couldn’t check unless I was in the office.
I want to use the whiteboard at my own height, even if I’m lame
I want to have a conversation while drawing a flow or design that can’t be explained in writing
You don’t need a pen or a note to share your thoughts on the go with a single phone.

How to use it
Launch the app and point the camera in the space where you want to display the AR board.
Fix the AR board by teaching the plus button displayed at the bottom of the app.
Invite your friends to the AR board you have prepared for them.
Share your ideas with multiple people with the live delivery feature.

How to use a floatboard movie

Main Functions
1.Android smartphone app to recognize the space (limited to smartphones with the DEPTH CAMERA feature)

2.Vectors (images) can be fixed in space. can draw pictures (lines) with your fingers.

4.You can share that space in real time.

5.Draw a picture in space by using deep learning to recognize fingers (not implemented in this case)

Why online collaboration now?
As a result of the new coronavirus, opportunities to utilize video conferencing systems have skyrocketed. However, the experience of having creative discussions through video conferencing, such as using a whiteboard, is far from sufficient.
On the other hand, there are high hopes for AR/MR/VR technology and AI technology, but it will be some time before many people take advantage of expensive devices such as VR goggles. We felt that there was a growing need for online collaboration in a way that didn’t necessarily require VR goggles, so we set about developing it.

why online collaboration

Future Developments
At the moment, it is only a smartphone application, but we will build a system that can also be viewed from the web and VR environment. In other words, we develop a virtual whiteboard platform that takes advantage of the 3D space. In addition, we will expand the expression using AR/MR/VR devices to be released in the future.

Floatboard VISION

Co-Creation Partner
FACTORIUM is inviting partner companies that deepen the exploration of the technology of AR, MR, and VR that exceeds the physical limitation in the age when remote collaboration accelerates, deepen the exploration of the technology of AR, MR, and VR, create a creative workspace, and make a breakthrough in the existing way of doing business and productivity together with the research and development of FLOAT BOARD using the technology of AR to the start line.

FACTORIUM ( is a “venture builder” that continuously develops digital products. While supporting digital business development with companies, we create one service after another to solve social issues.

Studio Projects of FACTORIUM group
1.DATAFLUCT: Data Science Startup Studio
2.reporu: OKR reporting service for remote teams
3.floatboard: an AR-powered remote collaboration tool
4.BUILVO (Collaboration): Intelligent Facility Management Services
5.watatsumi (Collaboration): A project to turn fishermen’s senses into AI
6.Zoom for education: A video conferencing service using facial expression analysis technology

For more information, please contact
Hayato Kumemura, Representative Director, FACTORIUM Co.



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